Saturday, November 8, 2008

For the Love of the Sport

So I signed at four Seagull stores today, all in Utah County.

BYU played San Diego today also.

I've decided that all of Utah County was driving to the stadium while I was trying to get to my first signing. It was funny, really, and also cool. I happen to like football, so the throngs of people shoving close together to watch a bunch of guys run around on the grass and hurl a funny-shaped ball at each other works for me.

Sports are such an important part of life. We have scholarships dedicated to them. Kids can get school paid for by being good at a game. We have entire tv and radio networks designed around them. Millions upon millions of dollars float around in this country, (and everywhere else if you count the "real" futbol, among other things), all for the love of sports. The whole world comes together every 4 years to celebrate sports and pay homage to each country's finest.

I grew up with a football and track and field loving dad and a mom from Norway who skiied before she could walk. I really, really love sports, and if I may be so bold for a moment as to share something personal, my patriarchal blessing even tells me to enjoy sports.

When I look at the good it does for my children and the kids my husband works with in the fall when he coaches little league football I am extremely grateful that organized sports exist. Has society gone too far in worship of athletes? Is the money component out of hand? Sure. But if you get back to the basics of what it's really all about, it's easy to see how many lives sports affects for good.

So I forgive everyone for being at the game today instead of flocking to the bookstores to see me.

*big breath* And I hope you'll forgive me for being a University of Utah fan. *ducking for cover*


Tristi Pinkston said...

I am a knucklehead.

Okay, so I was planning to come from Provident Book over to your Orem signing to see you, right? Well, the date for Provident Book got changed and it *never occurred to me* that your other signing dates wouldn't just change, too.


So I'll be sticking around at Provident Book to see you then. Next Saturday.

Nancy Campbell Allen said...

Awesome! I'll look forward to seeing you, Tristi. Yikes, though- you sign at 11:00! Do you live close?

Nick@Nite said...

Ooohh I hope you weren't one of those people I cut off on University...

So wow, four book signings in one day? how do you manage that?