Friday, August 14, 2009

Summer is fickle

Or so my children are thinking. She comes in and the young ones think that summer will surely last forever. Then, she leaves and school returns, like the behemoth it is.

Hate to admit it, but I really did like the academic side of school. To this day I like sitting in a classroom and taking notes. I like to learn new stuff, put it into my own words, wonder how I'd transform the info into an essay... sick, I know.

My girls are registered and set to go back to school a week from Monday. I'm not looking forward to homework headaches, but I am glad they're moving on, getting older, becoming young adults. It's fun to watch the traits they had as little kids shift and morph into facets of their older personalities. Nina is only two years away from graduation, and Anna, four.

Where has the time gone? Day by day it drags, sometimes. Looked at in chunks of time, however, and I realize it goes so fast it's freaky.

At least Mark and I have Gunder to keep us young. He starts Kindergarten next fall.



blakeandcourt said...

I can't believe that your girls are getting so old! It can't be so. I swear they are still in elementary school. And yes, I too LOVE school. I can't help it. This year is the first since I was in kindergarten that I'm not going back to school (either as a student or teacher) and it's a weird feeling.

TRIBE'S said...

I love your girls!! They have grown up into the most wonderful people! I love to learn, I just wish i could teach my kids to appreciate it more. Back to school is such a fun time in life.

Nancy Campbell Allen said...

Maybe it's one of those things you appreciate more as you get older. I think I would be a much better student now than I ever was as a kid!

Nicole's crazy Blog said...

It must be a family thing, at least for some of us, to have loved school and essays and all things bookish. For I too fall into the camp of the nerdy type. Sorry girls, we are nerds. Olivia starts the year after Gunder and I just hope I am enough for her until then!

Nancy Campbell Allen said...

Nerds is right. I admit it. I was the kid in English who got all excited when we were assigned a new novel.