Friday, October 9, 2009

So inspiring

So you probably saw Nienie on Oprah a couple of days ago. I loved it, loved hearing her talk, seeing her successes right there on the screen. She was poised, classy, as was her husband, Christian. What a sweet thing that this couple has let us into their lives, and that when I read her blog I am inspired to be/do better. I felt that before the accident when Amy told me about the blog, and then even more so since.

I think the thing I've taken most from watching this woman live her life is to slow down and enjoy the mundane, which really is a gift. I have a daughter on the cusp of graduating from high school and has dreams of moving on. I wish I had been more patient and aware of the moment when she and Anna were younger. I was just stressed all the time. I'm grateful to have had another chance with my son, to enjoy the moment and find beauty in the little things.

There are some tender mercies, despite a few regrets, however. I'm finding that Nina and Anna still need me. And that I still have chances to redeem myself- that the patience is just as hard to come by now as it was back then, and overcoming the urge to snap and be stressed is an accomplishment worthy of pride. Or at least chocolate or something.

Oprah touched on the sacredness of nurturing and doing the small things, like fixing meals, and truly, whether a mom is a stay-at-home or working, there is something so sacred about caring for those in her realm. It is an honor, though at times it doesn't always feel that way.

So my official thanks to Nienie and her family for allowing me to learn from them and to cherish the blessings in my life.


Amy said...

I loved the show too! There is something about her countenance. (We all know what that is) She just glowed!!! What an amazing woman. Now when I start getting stressed or annoyed about the mundane, I think a bout how she fought to live for these moments.

Nancy Campbell Allen said...

Yes. Puts things in such good perspective.

Nicole said...

As scarred as she is and as pretty as she was before the accident, she is still truly a beautiful woman. Even physically as well as spiritually. I know she still struggles with how changed she looks but wow, I think she is still just darling. Maybe those days I wake up to a zit won't seem so traumatic.

Nancy Campbell Allen said...

I agree, Nicole. She's beautiful.