Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Dear Fly Lady

Dear Fly Lady;

This morning I did not get up and put on my shoes. In fact, I rolled out of bed, put on some sweats and didn't even manage a bra until noon. I didn't wash my face, therefore didn't manage to get moisturizer or even a little bit of makeup on. As for my hair, well, let's just say I look like Janis Joplin on a good hair day, and we all know she never had one of those.

I will say, though, that my kitchen looks fabulous. I shined my sink on Monday morning and it has stayed beautiful now for three days. The rest of the kitchen has followed suit, and tomorrow I'm shooting for cleaning up some hot spots.

Also, tomorrow, I will get dressed as soon as I get up, put on shoes, wash my face and put makeup on, and get things done at a reasonable hour.


Nancy, the slob.


Nicole said...

Dear Nancy and the fly lady,
I get dressed, moisturize and usually have makeup. But my sink is almost always full of last nights dishes and when the missionaries kneel on my floor for a prayer, I have to hand them a lint roller to get all the dog hair off.

Nicole the slob

Nancy Campbell Allen said...

Dear Nicole-

You make me laugh! That's awesome.


Your cousin, the bigger slob.

Amy said...

I love fly lady!! I have fallen off the wagon, though!

Nicole said...

Dear Nancy,
I am so not joking about the lint roller and the missionaries.

Jewels said...

Shoes are on, moisterizer and makeup are on. But I slept in and while I slept in, the husband did all the cleaning, it was wonderful, even though he did come in about twenty times to ask me how to do the laundry and where to put the clean dishes. But it got done. I'm on duty tomorrow, though, life sucks.

Nancy Campbell Allen said...

Amy, I love her too. I'm just starting.

Jewels, woohoo on getting yourself all gussied up even though you didn't feel good! Mr. Jewels is funny. I told Nina to hear his voice in her head while she takes her math test today. :-)