Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Weight loss, Corey Haim, Marie Osmond and terrorism

So I gained about 10 pounds when last fall rolled around. I remember the exact moment when my control snapped and I flipped backward spectacularly into my old mindset. I made Halloween cookies for Gunder to give to his preschool friends. Sugar cookies and the most sinfully delectable frosting ever known. I SNARFED.

Then Thanksgiving hit. Ate more than I should. Then Christmas happened, and people like us so much they kept giving us treats. All of which I ate.

The good news is that I'm on the rebound, am running to try to train for a half marathon that my sweet husband signed me up for as a Christmas gift, and I'm down 3pounds. Only another 7 to get to the point where I was when I had wanted to lose another 10 by Christmas. ;-)

In other news, I see that Corey Haim has died. An incon of my teen years. In the words of my friend and facebok pal Erin, "RIP Corey Haim, you weirdo."

I read about Marie Osmond's tearful return to the stage yesterday, and I have to applaud her and all others who do their best to continue with life after the tragic loss of a loved one, especially a child.

Also came across this article on CNN, which I loved. Gives perspective to the fact that not only "those Muslims" are terrorists.

In other news, The Teen Writers Conference 2010 is fast approaching! If you know a teen who likes to write, send that wonderful person here. I will be presenting and am coordinating the writing contest. There will be tons of other cool authors there--it's really not to be missed!!

Happy Tuesday to one and all. :-)


~Silly me said...

Comedy-Love your blogs!

Nancy Campbell Allen said...

Thanks, Erin! :-) And I always look to your status updates for comic relief.

Youngbergs said...

Half marathon? Way to go! Good luck with your training!

And thanks for sharing that great article on terrorism.

Nancy Campbell Allen said...

Oh Sarah, we'll see. I may end up walking a lot of it. Yikes.

Jewels said...

You could have fooled me on gaining ten pounds, where did you hide it all? I gain ten pounds and it all ends up in the tummy area. I should pray that it travels upwards and fills up these grape-sized things I have going on. Way to go on training for that marathon thingy. Good luck!

Nancy Campbell Allen said...

Oh Julie, I love you so much! I'm laughing. How about I take my last 20 pounds and give it all to you? I'd do it for you, that's just how I am. You can do whatever you want with it!

I hope kick boxing was good on Monday. :-( I had the stomach thing again last night. Think I'm on the mend.

Nicole said...

Ugh. I here ya on the weight. I was so good over the holidays but it was Valentine's Sugar cookies for me that I had a very similar experience. Then those turned to Chocolate chip cookies and then Milky way bars and then homemade Oreos (curse Nie Nie for posting that recipe!) and so it goes. I waffle between wanting to love myself and my 15 extra pounds and enjoying life (read:food) and wanting to be able to buy all the clothes I love in the size I love. It is quite a wrestle with the natural man no matter which way you look at it.

Nancy Campbell Allen said...

I love homemade oreos. They are the death knell. It is a balancing act, isn't it? I wish I didn't like food.