Thursday, April 1, 2010

Right now

The house is quiet- the hum of the dishwasher is the only sound. Gunder is in bed for the night. Hopefully he will stay there until morning. If he does, Mark will buy him a Slurpee- banana and pina colada mixed. Nina is with a friend, Anna is babysitting for Amy.

Gunder went with my parents today to the planetarium in Salt Lake to watch the 3-D Imax Hubble/space movie. He had such a good time, and to boot, came home with a dinosaur that TRANSFORMS. And when it transforms, it has Optimus Prime's face. This is a very big deal.

The girls cleaned their bedrooms- they look absolutely spotless, which is probably the worst possible thing they could have done. Now I know what they're capable of.

My next book is scheduled for January 2011 release, and I'm thrilled about that. Even better, the revisions I'll be doing on it are wonderful suggestions from reviewers and my editor- things I agree with wholeheartedly and I did not feel an ounce of defensiveness over the changes/additions that need to be made. It will be that much better of a book.

I finished knitting a hat that my daughter LIKES and is wearing. And my other daughter wants one like it, now.

I ran three miles tonight and am not dead. This is also a very big deal.

I have siblings who are my best friends and best friends who are my best friends. I am so happy in my realm right now. I wouldn't be anywhere else. The only thing I would change would be to move my brother and Salt Lake sister into the neighborhood. I would like to see them daily.

I have sweet parents who still check on me, even though I'm 40. My father-in-law was just called to be a Patriarch. Heaven willing, he will still be around when it's time for Gunder's blessing.

My husband works from sunup to sundown when he'd rather be chillin at the beach. He came to the desert to get me, and I'm so glad.

I am overwhelmed at my blessings. My little life is so complete. I have so much, and I am so grateful. Could be I'm feeling especially blessed because it's so quiet right now. It's moments of reflection like these, though, that give me energy for when life is hectic.


Nicole said...

How cool would a neighborhood of brothers and sisters be. After just getting back from a trip with all the siblings for Ben's wedding I too love that these guys are my friends. I hate that we are so scattered, but we can still get together and laugh it up!

Nancy Campbell Allen said...

And there's something so fun about spending time with people you have a common bond with. You laugh about things nobody else would understand. Yes, we need a big, happy cul-de-sac with family and loved ones.

Youngbergs said...

I love this post. It is so optimistic and full of love. It made me happy by reading it. Thanks, Nancy.