Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Good Times in the Snow

So Anna and Gunder built a snowman. Well, Anna built the snowman. Gunder coached and made snow angels. Then he wanted to tackle the snowman, but we told him we had to wait until Dad came home and saw it, first.

Dad came home, but Gunder's snowsuit was still soaked. So rather than put all the wet stuff back on, we decided it was a good idea to just pose beside the snowman. Maybe we'll tackle it in a few days.


Jewels said...

That is best looking snowman ever. Anna is really good. Gunder looks so grown up. Quit letting him get older.

TRIBE'S said...

He is so cute!! Snow can be so much fun for kids. I also find it makes them tired and that can be a good thing. Anna is such a good big sister.

Nancy Campbell Allen said...

The girls are really good with him. He loves them so much.

I know on the getting older thing! Julie, he was 2 when you watched him. Wow.

KarinB said...

Hee hee, cute! I guess you guys got pounded. We got nada.

campbell.craig said...

Is that boy cute or what. He is my grandson!! Clever kids.

love bestemor.