Monday, February 16, 2009

Wacky Internal Clock!

"Go to bed. Whatever you're staying up late for isn't worth it."-- Andrew Rooney

I have been a night owl ever since I can remember. I could happily sleep every morning until at least 10:00 and still get up feeling flu-like. The problem is that I get a second wind at night time and then in the morning I wake up feeling like I've been hit by a truck.

Every morning! No matter what time I go to bed, really! Come to think of it, I can't blame the second-wind thing!

My dad, however, wakes up before his alarm at 5 a.m. He hits the ground running, literally, (well, now he cycles), and feels all kinds of snazzy. Kharma does come back around, though, and no good early-to-riser goes unpunished, because by 10 p.m. he's out for the count.

Why are we all so different? I even grilled my friends at our last card-making broo-haha. "Are you an early riser? What's your secret? How do you do it?" Somebody, please help me feel human in the morning!

My friend Jewels suggested I take a multi-vitamin before bedtime, which I have yet to try. I'm ducking my head in shame. My mother would say, "You haven't tried it? Then you must not be very tired." When we were kids and hungry for some midday snack, she'd offer something we'd think was totally stupid and then she'd say, "Well, you must not be very hungry, then." (You know what's funny? I now use it on my kids. "What do you mean you're cold? Go put on a sweater. You don't want to? You must not be very cold, then.")

Well, I've resigned myself to the fact that I will probably live each day of my life feeling like death in the morning. It's ok, really. I'm usually somewhat human by noon.


TRIBE'S said...

I love both waking up early and staying up late. I'm lucky I don't need much sleep. I've never wanted to miss out on anything. I'm just sure if I sleep someone will have fun without me and I'll have missed it.

Jewels said...

I used to be a late riser too, 10:00 was actually a little early for me. It wasn't until I started having kids that the sleeping in thing wasn't going to work anymore. I usually have to take a shower right after I wake up to get me going. It is funny how all of us are so different. But if we were all the same where's the fun in that?

Amy said...

Oh girl! you are the best! I am so glad I found your blog, so fun! I love all of your books and cannot wait for the next editions!!!! Maybe you can coach me with my dream, to write a childrens book series I have so many ideas and have started a few, but can never seem to finish what I have started...

Nancy Campbell Allen said...

Amy, I think one of the hardest things about writing is just doing the writing itself! It's fun to start projects, but not always fun to see them through to the end.

Thanks for your compliments about my books!

Karlene said...

I'm an early riser 8 months of the year. A zombie from Dec to Mar. Ugh.

Back when I had a publishing company, I had to work really long hours and I kept that quote up on the wall by my computer to remind me to go to bed. It worked. Sometimes.

Nancy Campbell Allen said...

Well, we're halfway through February, Karlene. Almost to daylight again!! :-)