Friday, March 13, 2009

Always restless...

So I left the St. Patrick's Day blog background up long enough to almost make it to St. Patrick's Day. Then I paid a visit to my cousin Nicole's blog and liked her background so much I had to copy it. It's still green and very spring-like, so that counts for something.

Speaking of spring, we're supposed to hit 70 degrees here in O-Town next week and I am absolutely thrilled. I'm done with winter. We're going to plant a big garden in my parents' backyard this summer because our yard is the size of a postage stamp with soil like Pet Semetary. I'm sure the garden will resemble the picture above. I'm all excited to make my kids weed and care for Mother Earth. It will make them responsible.

Also, in tribute to my late grandfather, Sidney Campbell, I'm copying a poem I found at Cousin Nicole's blog. Someone found it in his papers. (I say "someone," not trying to be insensitive, but there were 10 kids- my dad is #8 and Nicole's mom #9, and there are umpteen million grandkids and great-grandkids, so it could have been any of a number of people). My guess is Aunt Kathleen.


I always think the cover of a book is like a door Which opens into someone's house where I've not been before.
A pirate or a fairy queen may lift the latch for me.
I always wonder when I knock, what welcome there will be.
And when I find a house that's dull, I do not often stay
But when I find one full of friends, I'm apt to spend the day.
I never know what sort of folks will be within you see.
And that's why reading always is so interesting to me.
~~Annie Fellows Johnston


TRIBE'S said...

I love that poem and how fun to think hthat your grandfather loved books too. And can I just say that that picture makes me really excited for my flower garden. I think you and your kids will love having a garden to take care of, it's so fun.

Jennie said...

I'm going out to clear away some winter debris from my gardens today, though I really don't have time for it. It's probably not quite warm enough, but I've been stuck reading some books I really disliked lately and I'd like to clear my head before I start Annette Lyon's new book which I suspect, expect, I'm going to like. She's never failed me yet.

Nicole said...

I was looking at the deseret book catalog this week when I came upon a book that looked familiar and realized it was yours. Pretty cool.

Nicole's crazy Blog said...

I do believe I got it from an e-mail Aunt Kathleen...pretty good guess. And I have to say I do love the background... :0)

And of course your garden will look like a Thomas Kincaid print! I have faith in you and your tribe.