Sunday, March 22, 2009

And the winner is....


I have to confess, it wasn't Gunder who helped me pick the winner out of the proverbial hat. It was Anna.

So Penny, let me know which book you want, and it's yours. I can't remember if you've read Isabelle...just drop me an email.

Congrats, and thanks to everyone for responding! I'll do another contest again soon, just because hey, it's fun, and it breaks up the monotony.

Have a good one!


Penny said...

Me, really? NO WAY!!! I NEVER WIN ANYTHING!! Yipeeeee. I'm all disappointed because I messed up pictures I was going to post so I came over here to see who won, and now I'm not disappointed any more AT ALL. Have not read Isabelle would really love to get right on it!! THANK YOU, Anna--oh, and you too, Nancy! Woohoo!

Nancy Campbell Allen said...

Oh, excellent! Glad you're happy, and I'll get a copy right to you! Good luck fixing your pics.

Penny said...

Got the pictures taken care of and I'm planning on being at our next book club meeting if you want to bring your INSCRIBED book to me then. I still can't believe I won a drawing. I am just not lucky that way.