Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Cover judging

I know I've done it. I've judged books by their covers. And a good cover will practically have the book leaping into my hands. I think covers are so crucial to a book's sales.

Of all my books so far, there's only one that I thought was kind of lack-luster. As for a favorite- it's a tie between my second book, No Time for Love, and my most recent, Isabelle Webb. Mystery/romance is what speaks to me with both of these images.

Have you ever read or not read a book based solely on the cover?


TRIBE'S said...

I never would have bought Royal Target by Traci Abramson. The book cover is the worst. Kimmy even wanted to buy it a couple of times and I said no based just on the cover. My Mother in law gave it to me and I loved the book. I wanted to email her and ask "what were you thinking?!"

Nancy Campbell Allen said...

You know, that cover was originally black, and then changed to pink. I think the idea was for it to pop off the shelves, but if I remember right, Traci had some reservations about it and all the Seagull employees I talked to about it really hated it. She's an awesome storyteller, though- so once you get past the pink, you're good. :-)

Karlene said...

Tribe--don't email Traci, email her publisher! They're the ones who picked the cover. She probably had nothing to do with it.

I've never intentionally passed up a book because of its cover, but when you're browsing through the bookstore shelves, it's the cover or title that makes you reach out and pick the book up. Who knows how many good books I've missed simply because I didn't notice them on the shelf.